High Element Attractions
One of the most talked about events of your summer camp and retreat weekend is definitely going to be our Zipline. Towering at 40 feet tall and enjoying a 300 foot ride you won't want to miss out on this exhilarating activity at Camp Holy Wild.

Gear up with us and climb 3 flights of stairs with your best buddy to take a soaring ride. You are never too young or too old to try this out. Our youngest and most fearless rider was only 2 years old, while our most seasoned citizen was standing at 71 years young. Most people would think that these two went down the Zipline screaming, but instead were laughing the whole way with smiles from ear to ear.

Giant Screamer

Sister to the zipline is our giant swing. You won't want to enjoy one without the other. This thrill attraction gives you more of a drop than a soaring ride. Not only will you be hoisted 50 feet straight up in the air, but it is your friends that are doing the lifting for you.

After that first initial drop you can then enjoy taking an easy swing back & forth, or if you're a bigger risk taker you can even try hanging upside down.


Here at Camp Holy Wild we pride ourselves on these two high element attractions. The Zipline & Giant Screamer Swing are offered at a small additional cost. Please notify Camp Holy Wild upon registration if your group would like to participate in these elements.

Camp Holy Wild ~ 22152 Baptist Encampment Rd, New Caney TX, 77357 ~ Part of The Little Country Church ~ www.holywildministries.com


Join Us!
We host weekend retreats from the middle of August to the middle of May at Camp Holy Wild. We can accommodate the size of your group anywhere from 40-275 people.
Our zip line and giant swing are available year round and we provide many indoor facilities to keep you warm during those cold months.

Tent Camping
Also, come use our land for your small group to tent camp. Only a minimum of 40 people is required, bring all your own food and firewood, and you would still be able to take advantage of our zipline & swing.

E-mail or Call
Contact us for reservations, pricing, and bookings.
We hope to see you this off season!