Below you will find all of the necessary printable paperwork that will either need to be mailed in prior to your arrival or turned in upon your arrival here at Camp Holy Wild. You can also see the "Reservation Checklist" for a paperwork timeline.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at for the fastest response.

See you soon!!


The following 2 forms, plus a deposit check ($10 per person who will be attending) are due within 10 business days of first contact to ensure your reservation for your group. If we do not receive these 3 items your reservation will not be kept and the dates may be scheduled and given away to another group.

Acceptance of Policies Form

Group Reservation Request From

The following 2 forms, plus a detailed schedule of your group's planned activities are due 2 weeks prior to your groups arrival. Below is an example of a certificate of insurance form that names Camp Holy Wild as additional conditional insurance only. You can request one of these forms from your group's insurance carrier.

Example: Certificate of Liability Insurance

Facility & Equipment Request Form

The following 2 forms, plus an updated detailed schedule of your group's planned activities (if applicable), a signed check with the remaining balance owed, and a $350.00 damage deposit check are due upon arrival at Camp Holy Wild.

Guest Registration Form

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Tower Consent Form Adult

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Tower Consent Form Child

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And lastly, the following forms are for your personal use and benefits. Please read over the "Camp Policies" carefully.

Reservation Checklist

Directions to Camp

Camp Map

Camp Policies

Below is all of the above forms condenced into one packet. We are excited you are interested in Camp Holy Wild and please let us know if you have any questions.

Camp Full Packet

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Join Us!
We host weekend retreats from the middle of August to the middle of May at Camp Holy Wild. We can accommodate the size of your group anywhere from 40-275 people.
Our zip line and giant swing are available year round and we provide many indoor facilities to keep you warm during those cold months.

Tent Camping
Also, come use our land for your small group to tent camp. Only a minimum of 40 people is required, bring all your own food and firewood, and you would still be able to take advantage of our zipline & swing.

E-mail or Call
Contact us for reservations, pricing, and bookings.
We hope to see you this off season!